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HJG LED Headlight Bulb H4 For All Motorcycles AC/DC (80W White)

  • Original HJG Product
  • Power Output: 80Watts
  • Brightness: 8000Lm
  • Easy Installation
  • Power Saving
  • High Visibility
  • High-Speed Cooling Fan

HJG Mega Drive 60W Quad Shot Dual Lens/Dual Color High/Low Yellow/White LED Fog Lights (2 Pc)

  • Original HJG Product
  • Brightness: 6000Lm
  • IP 67 Dust-Proof & Waterproof
  • Dual Lens/Dual Color High/Low Yellow/White
  • LED Power: 60W (High-Intensity CREE LED)

Fog Light Wiring Harness Kit For Dual Color White/Yellow Lights Relay/Switch/Fuse

  • Specially Made For Dual Color Fog Lights
  • Can Be Used With HJG Mini Drive, HJG Mega Drive, Etc
  • Individually Control High-Beam/Low Beam
  • Dedicated Fuse For Protection
  • Relay For Faster & Efficient Working
  • On/Off Switch, Fuse, Relay

HJG L6XS 60 Watt 6 LED Universal Fog Lights

  • Using high-power led lamp beads, long life 10000 hours the above. Brightness equivalent brightness xenon lamp.
  • 90% of the electrical energy into light energy. power consumption of only ordinary 1/10 of the lamp.
  • LED TYPE: 10W Per Led (6 x 10W = 60W Fog Lamp Power ), 6000 KELVIN
  • Built-in application-specific integrated headlight constant current drive control 12-80v universal, adapt to a wide range.
  • Do not destroy the original car structure, mounted directly applicable to all electricity moving cars, motorcycles.
  • Original HJG Products.
  • Easy installation

New Shilan Mini Driving Lights 30W Triple Color Universal For Motorcycles/Scooters/Cars (2 Pcs)

  • Inbuilt Modes: White/Yellow/Amber
  • High-Quality Aluminium Body
  • 2 Type Mounting Included
  • Output Power: 15Watt/lamp.
  • Luminous flux: 6000Lumens/lamp
  • Lighting Color: 6000K White and 3000K yellow

HJG Y Lens Ultra Wide Dual Intensity LED Driving Fog Lights White/Yellow (Pair)

  • Original HJG Product
  • Power Output: 40Watts
  • Brightness: 4000LM
  • Dual Colour White/Yellow
  • Aluminum Cast Body
  • IP 67 dust-proof and waterproof

HJG Fog Light Wiring Harness Kit Relay/Switch/Fuse/Flasher

  • 2 Unique Flashing Patterns 
  • Universal Waterproof High-Quality Wiring Harness
  • Dedicated Fuse For Protection
  • Water Proof Led Indication Switch
  • Relay For Faster & Efficient Working
  • On/Off Switch, Fuse, Relay Kit

HJG 4 LED CREE 60W Fog Light Auxiliary Light For All Motorcycles With Yellow Filter Cap

  • Original HJG Product
  • Easy Installation, Plug & Play
  • Heavy Duty & Perfect Design
  • Super Bright & Clear Fog Light
  • Yellow Filter For Best Visibility

HJG Mini Driving Fog Lights 40W Dual Colour For All Motorcycle/Scooters/Cars/Jeeps

  • Original HJG Product
  • Power: 20W Each 2x20 = 40Watts
  • Voltage: 9V-36V DC
  • Actual Lumen: Up to 4000 LMS
  • Led Lens: Bifocal Lens
  • LED Type: High-Quality Led Chips for 5730
  • Color Temp: Cool White/ Yellow
  • Waterproof rate: IP 68

HJG K9 Ultra Mini Driving Lights Fog Lights Dual Color White/Yellow (2Pcs)

  • HJG Original Product
  • Dual Color White/Yellow
  • Power Output: 30x2=60W
  • Brightness: 1200Lm
  • IP68 Waterproof

4 LED Fog Light Yellow Cover/Filter/Cap Square

  • Compatible With:- HJG 4 LED, Super 4 LED & Other Similar Models.
  • High-Quality Filter Cover
  • Best Visibility At Night Rides
  • Perfect Fit
  • Plug & Play

Universal Fog Light Clamps For All Motorcycles (Pack Of 2)

  • Multiple angles adjustable.
  • Stainless steel screw.
  • Allow adding more lights on vehicle without drilling.
  • Fix the light on the leg guard tube firmly, a pre-drilled hole for easy installation.
  • Rubber inserts dampen driving vibration to avoid scraping the surface.